With an alliance of such high-quality members, and being truly global in its reach, it is a core aim of BOKS International to ensure that this can be leveraged to your advantage – and deliver outstanding results for your clients. Global Resourcing is one such way in which we can collectively deliver on this.

The most straightforward way to describe this is that Global Resourcing is a method in which you can provide specialist services that are currently not offered in-house, by using the trusted expertise of other BOKS members. On the 12th July, we will hold a Focus Group dedicated to understanding how we can best help members leverage the skills and experience of the wider alliance to provide services not offered in-house.

Their deep-rooted technical specialisms can be utilised by any member firm to ensure that you are able to provide a cost-effective one-stop-shop for clients, and deliver a high standard of advice in complex areas such as Corporate Finance, Commercial Law, Transfer Pricing, and Specialist Advisory.

This collaborative approach is at the heart of how we believe BOKS International should continue to develop, as a commercially driven member-led organisation. Making the most of the opportunities to expand the services of other members, and providing outstanding outcomes and value to you and your clients.

June saw the launch of Global Resourcing with a webinar from major US firm Frazier & Deeter which you can rewatch here. Their Transfer Pricing centre of excellence is open to all BOKS International members and is one of the cornerstones of our Global Resourcing plans.

Over the coming year we will be looking to enhance this proposition with further specialist services, and of course, develop the understanding through further webinars and at the international conference.

In the meantime, if you would like any further information, please contact the Member Services team in the usual way.