BOKS International members, BLCI International (Italy) and Harboe Consult Group (Denmark), recently convened in Milan for a bilateral meeting. The event allowed professionals from two European countries to strengthen connections, sharing insights and strategies across geographical boundaries.

The meeting, held on 8th November 2023, facilitated a vibrant exchange centred around crucial aspects of cross-border collaboration:

1. Market Access Knowledge Sharing: Both firms explored avenues to enhance their understanding of market dynamics in their respective countries, leveraging the strength of their combined experience.

2. Business Approach in Italy: Delving into the nuances of conducting business in Italy, BLCI International shed light on essential insights, providing Harboe Consult Group with a valuable perspective.

3. Networking Analysis: The meeting also involved a comprehensive analysis of networking strengths and weaknesses, a vital component for developing growth and collaboration.

Maurizio Di Salvo, at BLCI International, commented:

“These were the focal points of an enriching dialogue during the meeting. The session proved highly constructive, allowing us to build upon conversations initiated at the BOKS International October Global Conference held in Barcelona. As dedicated members of BOKS International, a robust framework for swift and dependable client support on a global scale, our discussions further solidified the collaborative spirit that defines our alliance.”

John Petersson, at Harboe Consult Group, said:


“It was a great pleasure to be able to use the BOKS alliance to meet, discuss and learn from the countries’ differences and similarities in the economic, financial, legal and tax fields.”

Mark Osgood, Marketing Director at BOKS International, expressed satisfaction seeing members proactively engaging in such collaborative efforts.


He stated, “BOKS International is a member-led organisation, and it’s heartening to witness members taking the initiative to come together voluntarily, strengthening the bonds within our alliance. This meeting between BLCI International and Harboe Consult Group exemplifies the spirit of cooperation that defines our global alliance.”

This meeting demonstrates the commitment of BOKS International members to mutual growth and excellence in client service.

BOKS International