BOKS International, a dedicated advocate for sustainable practices, is excited to announce its new collaboration with Ecologi, a prominent leader in climate action and sustainability. This collaboration marks a significant move towards a more environmentally conscious future for the alliance and its members.

BOKS International, a small team with a relatively low internal footprint, has always valued environmental responsibility. The alliance inspires members to embrace eco-conscious practices as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability. This commitment is evidenced by its active promotion of carbon offsetting during conferences and dedication to reducing carbon footprints by leveraging technology to host online meetings, thereby minimising unnecessary flights.

BOKS International’s advocacy for sustainable practices and Ecologi’s mission to combat climate change and restore nature through collective action are at the heart of this collaboration. Ecologi empowers individuals and businesses alike to take tangible steps towards a sustainable future by funding climate projects, reducing carbon footprints, and fostering a global community committed to our planet. 

In collaboration with Ecologi, BOKS International will initiate a tree-planting program. The organisation will plant a tree for every delegate attending an alliance conference. This effort will complement its core strategy, which includes partnering with accredited videographers, actively promoting environmental awareness across various platforms, conducting informative webinars, providing guidance to members on understanding their environmental impact, and launching communication campaigns to incentivise engaged members.

Richard Sergeant, Alliance Director at BOKS International, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership:

“We’ve always considered green practices extremely important. We are already active, but we aim to do more. Ecologi is a major player in this field, and we’re excited to begin working closely with them as we align perfectly with Ecologi’s values. Together with Ecologi, we are poised to lead the way in integrating eco-conscious practices into our global alliance.”

Linda Adams, Head of Partnerships at Ecologi, comments:

“We are excited to be working alongside BOKS by supporting businesses that they work with on their journeys towards net-zero. It’s great to see them taking steps to reduce their own environmental footprint alongside also encouraging their alliance members to do the same, I am looking forward to seeing this partnership grow.”

In the coming months, BOKS International members can expect to see workshops and webinars on subjects such as calculating carbon footprints, reducing emissions, and funding climate projects.

Ecologi is the UK’s leading all in one climate platform. A certified B Corporation, founded in 2019, Ecologi enables businesses to calculate their carbon footprint and support high-quality climate action projects. To date, Ecologi’s community of over 20,000 businesses have collectively prevented 2.8 million tonnes of CO2e emissions from entering our atmosphere through supporting verified carbon avoidance projects, as well as funding the responsible planting of over 75 million trees globally. 

Launched in 2017, BOKS International is a rapidly growing alliance with over 100 members in 70 + countries and a combined fee income exceeding $600 million while ranking at position #13 within the IAB’s Global Top 20.

BOKS International