Apriori Brazil

Rua Líbero Badaró, 158, 22° Andar, Centro Histórico de São Paulo, São Paulo - SP, CEP 01008-904, Brasil.


Shashikant Sharma
W: https://www.aprioribrazil.com/
E: [email protected]
T: +55 11 4040 9996

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Member Profile

Apriori is formed by professionals who are in this competitive market for years in the field of accounting, tax, finance, labor and social security. Our principle is to provide services with excellence and quality. We specialize in providing professional services of Outsourcing of accounting, tax, finance, payroll and paralegal as well as tax consultancy, labor, social security and special projects. We are committed to offer effective solutions to reduce operational cost and optimize results with quality, transparency and timeliness required by market.

Today, the challenge is to keep up with economic growth and increasing complexity of regulations of market. The expansion of market requires agility in decision making, an important competitive differential and imposes extra care with the quality of information that feeds the decision making and timely change in business strategy if required.

In this context, Apriori has been implementing in partnership with its customer several innovations to provide its services, not just technologically but also in the management of processes associated with knowledge, always adapting to the needs of the market and constant change in the regulatory economic environment. Economic and market developments force us to seek new means of profitability for our clients. Our services is not limited in simply complying with bureaucratic conventional accounting but also in providing quick and effective solutions which add value to our partners and to shareholders of our customers, thus enabling them to prioritize their focus on their business activity safely and independently and thus consolidating our relationship with them.

Apriori has modern structure to attend, small, medium and large enterprises of different segments and activity, thanks to its constant investment in technology and training of its professionals. Our office is strategically located in the region of Bela Vista near Metro São Joaquim. However we serve our customers located in other states as well.

To meet the requirements of our customers with maximum agility, Apriori has in its web portal a unique/restricted web environment for each of its client with following features:
– Sending of automatic emails with tax receipt with corresponding due dates for taxes and contributions;
– Availability of documents, digital files, tax receipts in an orderly manner;
– Monitoring the status of all requests made to Corporate / Paralegal Department;
– Payroll requests for changes, vacations etc. for monthly processing of payroll;


We offer a comprehensive range of professional services in a convenient one-stop shop. With specialist experts around the world, you can be confident that you will receive the highest standard of advice.
















Spotlight Q&A

Apriori Brazil answered questions about the firm, some of the key issues affecting their sector, and the future of their industry & firm. See their answers below.

We foresee the below top 3 challenges: • technological challenges in the market and others to come like IA. • complexity around accounting & tax compliance regulations; • swift transition from BPO (business process outsourcing) to KPO (knowledge process outsourcing).
Focus on organic growth by continuous focus on high-quality services and eventually through small acquisitions.
We are working hard to become a recognized professional service boutique and be in top 10 in Brazil in the next 5 years to come.
Keeping up with the ever-changing regulations that impact our business and constant update in technology to bring more efficiency & value to our clients, employees, and partners.
Around 25% of our work caters to international clients.
We offer the below advisory services; • Tax planning and Tax consulting. • Due Diligence. • Auditing. • Transfer Price. • Preparation of PPA (Purchase Price Allocation) report. • Interim management; temporary allocation of resources for projects related to accounting, tax, treasury, and payroll – Staff Loan.
International exposure to local and international clients doing business in Brazil.
Presence in more countries with a strong network of quality firms.
International clients interested in doing business in Brazil.
Apriori recently started working with a multinational company after a rigorous process, overcoming competition with top brand multinationals operating in Brazil. We believe that we could win the contract due to our end-to-end services, which included setting up a legal entity, appoint attorney-in-fact and legal representative of the Brazilian legal entity and render accounting, tax compliance, treasury, payroll and corporate secretarial services.
All our clients were acquired through references and personal contacts. We believe that this strategy would continue as we work very closely with our clients and understand their needs locally and internationally. We also believe that BOKS International would be another link that will help us target international clients.
No. We are prepared to offer our services to all business sectors.
BOKS International