Our team of dedicated professionals.

Our People

The BOKS International board is made up of a management team with over 5 years of experience growing and running an international accountancy network prior to launching BOKS International. They work alongside the Partners of founding member firm TC Group, to ensure the best possible experience for its rapidly expanding member base.

Richard helps to direct our growth and strategy, ensuring member satisfaction and steering our direction for the future.

David heads up new member acquisitions and works tirelessly to ensure that all referrals are placed within 48 hours.

Mark takes the lead in our wider marketing strategy and directly supports member growth and development.

Kenny heads up operations at BOKS International, driving our development, strategy, and member initiatives.

Priscilla heads up the planning and management of our in person events around the world.

Terry provides strategic assistance, helping to raise the profile of BOKS, and advising on global expansion, particularly in North America.

Richard is CEO of TC Group (our founding member) and is responsible for the inception of BOKS International.

Grant is COO for TC Group (our founding member) and runs one of their largest portfolios.

BOKS International