Supporting your business with urgency and adaptability.

Founded in 2017 as a platform for internationally focussed professional service firms to extend their ‘global reach’ without compromising their freedom or distinct character. Our mission is to foster meaningful, long-lasting relationships, providing a framework for rapid and reliable client support worldwide.

Strict quality criteria for membership include the use of remote due-diligence checks and peer reviews allowing us to ensure the highest professional standards, while our range of meetings and communities help firms to stay at the cutting edge of their respective disciplines.

Our multidisciplinary member base provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for businesses with a complex array of domestic and cross-border challenges. Whatever your need, regardless of location, we have the resources to support you and your business.


A commitment to speed and responsiveness underpins everything we do.


Constantly adapting to an ever changing world, our agility sets us apart.


Attention to detail and dedication ensure the best possible outcomes.


Our Journey So Far

As a new entrant to a well established sector, we started with some clearly stated objectives: to break into the global top 20 for alliances & associations within 3 years, and to become a mid-tier alliance by the same measures within 5. We are extremely proud to have achieved this, climbing to #13 in the world by December 2022.













Meet the team behind BOKS International.

Our small and dedicated executive team enables us to react quickly in an ever changing world. Without the distractions of client portfolios, or the bureaucracy of complex governance, our board is totally focussed on the job at hand. We adapt quickly to the evolving needs of our members, allowing them to service their clients at the highest possible level.

Richard helps to direct our growth and strategy, ensuring member satisfaction and steering our direction for the future.

David heads up new member acquisitions and works tirelessly to ensure that all referrals are placed within 48 hours.

Mark takes the lead in our wider marketing strategy and directly supports member growth and development.

Kenny heads up operations at BOKS International, driving our development, strategy, and member initiatives.

Priscilla heads up the planning and management of our in person events around the world.

Terry provides strategic assistance, helping to raise the profile of BOKS, and advising on global expansion, particularly in North America.

Richard is CEO of TC Group (our founding member) and is responsible for the inception of BOKS International.

Grant is COO for TC Group (our founding member) and runs one of their largest portfolios.


What people say about us

“Given that many of our clients work internationally and the referral demand is high, the fast and reliable service provided by BOKS is indispensable to TC Group. BOKS takes great care in vetting members based on the volume of their international requirements. So, although our primary focus is on serving our current client base, we are very pleased with the amount of work we receive back from the alliance, which more than satisfies our ROI.”

Richard Keyes

CEO of TC Group

“Now that I’ve met the leaders of BOKS International, I’m not surprised by their success at all. Their commitment, their hard work, their desire to build a group that is going to be a huge cost benefit for members is well underway and they’re doing a great job.”

Rick Dreher

Ex-CEO of Wipfli LLP

“A huge benefit is by leveraging the fellow members’ capabilities that are missing in your firm. It’s a way for you to fill those holes with a trusted friend that will help you serve your clients at the highest level. The interesting part about BOKS is they’re interested in their members’ input, and I think that’s the platform for the future. This is a uniquely positioned group, and I think their success is going to show because of that. The future of BOKS is bright, and I can’t wait to work with you in the year ahead.”

Terry Snyder

Ex-CEO of Allinial Global


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