BOKS International is proud to announce the formation of the Indirect Tax Expert Advisory Group, a specialised unit within the alliance that brings together dedicated experts in indirect taxation to enhance service delivery and client solutions globally. This group is committed to leading the way in indirect tax practices by leveraging its members’ diverse expertise.

The Indirect Tax Expert Advisory Group comprises hand-selected professionals who are not only specialists in their field but also deeply committed to developing comprehensive, cutting-edge tax solutions for the clients of our alliance members. This selective team is tasked with staying abreast of the latest developments in tax legislation, ensuring that all members offer the most current and effective advice possible. The group will also create detailed reports and summaries that will serve as valuable resources for other members, enhancing the alliance’s capability to serve clients facing complex tax challenges.

David McGeachy, Head of VAT for TC Group said:

“Doing business internationally has become even more challenging in recent years. This Group is one way we can bring to our mutual clients deeper experience and expertise from Indirect Tax experts working together and collaboratively to help client’s do business internationally.”

Members wishing to join the Indirect Tax Expert Advisory Group must apply and demonstrate they are dedicated specialistsThis ensures that the group remains a highly skilled and effective force within BOKS International. This approach guarantees that the group’s output is not only insightful but also directly applicable to the needs of international businesses.

Tiago Schotten, VAT Advisor at Bol International says of the initiative:

“I’m excited about the formation of our Indirect Tax Expert Advisory Group at BOKS International. It’s a testament to our dedication to staying ahead in the ever-changing tax world. Working with such talented professionals means we’re ready to tackle any challenge and provide top-notch solutions for our clients worldwide. Can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish together!”

Through this new initiative, BOKS International reaffirms its commitment to providing its members and clients with cutting-edge thinking and solutions in indirect taxation. The Indirect Tax Expert Advisory Group is set to become a cornerstone of BOKS International’s efforts to support businesses navigating the increasingly complex global tax environment.

Andrés Díaz González, Tax Lawyer at Glezco, expressed his enthusiasm for the new initiative:

“I am thrilled to contribute my expertise in navigating complex indirect tax landscapes, and I am highly optimistic about what we can achieve through our Indirect Tax Expert Advisory Group. Working closely with experts from other countries will elevate the scope and effectiveness of our advisory services and strengthen our position as leaders in the global tax advisory arena.”

The group is made up of members from aroudn the world, including experts from the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, USA, New Zealand, & India.

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