Pardini & Asociados

Plaza 2000 Tower, 10th Floor, 50th Street, Panama City, Panama


Juan Pardini
E: [email protected]
T: 00507 - 223722 - 2

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Pardini & Asociados is a multi-award-winning international law firm with headquarters in Panama and nearly 40 years of experience advising foreign clients and corporations, will provide legal services to members seeking assistance in Panama.

The firm was founded in 1982, initially practising corporate law, commercial law, trust law, and maritime law, which continues today. Since then, they have been at the forefront of many innovative legal developments. During the past 20 years, the firm has developed a highly specialised practice in Foreign Investments in Panama.

Pardini & Asociados has a notable client base and has provided counsel for firms in the Energy, Mining & Natural Resources sectors, such as Repsol, Exxon Mobil, Xstrata, Bahia Group, Citic and Canadian mining companies. While in the Aviation sector, past and present clients include Lufthansa, Eurowings, Air China, United Airlines, FedEx and more.


We offer a comprehensive range of professional services in a convenient one-stop shop. With specialist experts around the world, you can be confident that you will receive the highest standard of advice.
















Spotlight Q&A

Pardini & Asociados answered questions about the firm, some of the key issues affecting their sector, and the future of their industry & firm. See their answers below.

We believe law firms worldwide will continue merging with other law firms, accountants, consultants, tax advisors, investment bankers and other service providers with similar services to create massive full-service companies.
We are a boutique international law firm in Panama specialising in advising foreign clients doing business in or from Panama. We also wish to acquire or merge with similar entities in Panama or abroad. We partner with BusinessPanama Group, a private international service company also assisting foreign clients in business, finance, real estate, capital and other areas. See
We want to grow internally to be No. 1 in other practice areas. BusinessPanama is quite successful and has much room to grow and establish partnerships abroad.
Almost 96%
A full range of business, legal, investments, real estate, wealth planning, title & escrow, and mortgage brokering services.
Expanding our network of lawyers, accountants and advisors.
We have a range from Fortune 500 multinational companies to mid-level companies to small companies, and in our Private Client group, we assist families and individuals with multiple service requirements.
We are currently working on international real estate financing involving 16 Panama companies which own 16 properties in London. The owners are a Middle East family office. The bank is the Middle East Bank in London. There are lawyers in London, Bahrain, Dubai and Panama. In another matter, we are also working with a Peruvian family, setting up a family office including a group of companies & foundations to hold and manage their assets, while at the same time establishing succession regulations in case of the death of the patriarch.
Mainly referrals. That is why we deem BOKS to be so important.
We are a full-practice law firm with 20 areas of practice.
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