Philippe & Partners offers legal services with a high added value at competitive rates, whether in the form of legal advice or litigation. Specialist legal knowledge, meticulous work – and a dash of daring.

We asked Denis Philippe to answer our questions.

In your opinion, what is the future for your profession?
The future is bright because the law and following the law is more and more complex. I know that robots can do a part of the research work or reviewing contracts but pleadings, drafting delicate submissions, legal opinions or defining a strategy remains the task of the lawyer and not of the robot.

What is your growth strategy?
We tried to develop new areas of specialisation; we did it recently in privacy or digital law.

Where do you see your firm five years from now?
Growth with 50% of additional lawyers specialists in different fields of law.

What is your biggest challenge?
To have specialists in all the areas of law.

What percentage of your work is international?

What business advisory services do you offer?
All kinds of legal services.

What was your main driver for being part of BOKS International?
To become more international and be part of a multidisciplinary team.

Where do you see BOKS International 5 years from now?
A big increase of members.

How would you describe your typical client?
Companies in the field of energy and insurance, mostly international.

Tell us about a recent international assignment
I am often chairman of arbitral tribunal in international sales and purchase agreements (three cases pending at the moment).

How do you target clients who are looking for international services?
International presence and international locations.

Do you specialise in a particular sector or service?
One-stop-shop in law for companies.