Naeim Thabet Eloxory & Partners

68 A, Selim El Awal St., El Zaytoun, Cairo, Egypt


Mina Naiem Thabet
E: [email protected]
T: 00202 - 264246 - 75

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Member Profile

Naeim Thabet Eloxory & Partners has been established in 1980 and with over 40 years of experience as an accounting and auditing firm, we are considered once of the oldest firms in the field operating in Egypt.

With extensive experience acquired over the past 4 decades, we pride ourselves as leading professionals and advisors in Egypt.

Our focus on continuous change and improvements taking place in the field led us to enhance on our professional practices and services provided to our clients and has reflected on our current position in the professional field.

We strongly believe in our teams and their professional enhancement and so, their development is part of our success story.

We are currently operating in Cairo through an office based in Heliopolis district with another office being under construction and planned opening in 2021.


We offer a comprehensive range of professional services in a convenient one-stop shop. With specialist experts around the world, you can be confident that you will receive the highest standard of advice.
















Spotlight Q&A

Naeim Thabet Eloxory & Partners answered questions about the firm, some of the key issues affecting their sector, and the future of their industry & firm. See their answers below.

We expect the accounting profession be largely dependent on technological advancement and great reliance on its capabilities to perform any professional task in a timely manner combined with assured quality.
We are currently working on providing advisory services to many new talented entrepreneurs who are targeting e-commerce and its channels as new means for their business activities. We are establishing a new office in the first international business hub in Egypt and we are proud to be the first accounting firm in this hub. We are looking forward to having new client base and providing more professional services to them.
In 5 years we expect to have:
  • Increased our international exposure
  • Extended our professional services
  • Enhanced our reliance on automation
Fetching professional personnel and maintaining high caliber teams
We are currently having 5% of our work considered international but, we are working on increasing that percentage as many of our clients are currently assessing the need to have international experience.
Company Establishment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Feasibility Studies and Financing advisory services
International exposure through working on international assignments and sharing professional knowledge with all the network's firms.
One of the top international accounting networks located in more countries and represented by many more accounting and legal firms
Eager to grow more in his market; Keen to know all new laws and regulations related to his business; Focused on best practices especially operational efficiency.
We have just completed a Tax and Legal due diligence assignment. The mission had a tight schedule but through effective communications and great support received, we were able to finalize our report in a timely manner and were provided a positive feedback on our work.
Usually through regional conferences and maintaining continuous relationships with new potential clients looking for international existence.
We provide a wide range of services from Audit, Tax and Advisory Services but we are particularly experienced in tax consultancy.
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