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Stephan Roos (Managing Partner)
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T: +49892111260

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Treucontrol Treuhand is an auditing and tax advising firm operating on national and international level, advising companies in different sectors (industry, trade and services) and also private customers.

Known for their strong customer orientation, Treucontrol Treuhand ensures regular and close contact to their clients. Consequently Treucontrol Treuhand is committed to addressing the needs of their clients and developing individual, client-oriented solutions.


We offer a comprehensive range of professional services in a convenient one-stop shop. With specialist experts around the world, you can be confident that you will receive the highest standard of advice.
















Spotlight Q&A


Treucontrol Treuhand answered questions about the firm, some of the key issues affecting their sector, and the future of their industry & firm. See their answers below.

Advanced IT systems, global markets, international trade and the shortage of experienced personnel in some areas lead to an increased speed of changes in our profession. These developments can be very favourable for these tax and accounting firms that stay innovative, client-focused and increase the knowledge levels of their teams continuously. Especially corporate clients face the same challenges in their respective business sectors. These tax and accounting firms that can offer services to new needs of the clients and deliver valuable advise will thrive as the overall need for good consultancy is rising. On the other side, there will be a lot of firms in our profession that do not go this extra mile to hold pace with general client needs. They will face a challenging client environment as basic services are with increased IT a commodity. One part of staying innovative and prepare for these challenges is also to be a member of an international network like BOKS. I have the good feeling that all members of BOKS are on the side of the profession that continuously develop their skills and therefore will thrive in the coming years.
We ensure to deliver good service for a good value to our clients and stay focused on the need of our clients. A high percentage of new clients are recommendations from existing customers. We further develop knowledge in new and growing business areas that complement the core business and show higher growth potential in the future.
We will further develop a good reputation for high-quality advice and client-focused consultancy. Through organic growth with our existing clients and potential add-on acquisitions of smaller practices, we will steadily increase our revenues and team size.
Development of our team members. This encloses on one side finding additional and motivated employees for further growth. On the other side, the challenge is to maintain high knowledge levels in all relevant tax and accounting topics in an environment that shows the increasing speed of changes.
On the level of our tax advisors, the percentage of international work would be about 25%. On the level of the basic business processes (accounting, payroll) we have between 15-25% work for international clients.
Our core business is tax, accounting, auditing and payroll services. Furthermore, M&A Transaction Adivsory and Tax Structuring play a significant role in our business. We have additionally very good expertise in Company Valuations and Digitalisation Support for companies. During the COVID pandemic, we support our clients especially regarding liquidity management, government support and adjustments of business plans.
Due to Globalisation and advanced IT-systems, companies with a good product or service have nowadays access to markets in many different countries. This development drives the international growth of our clients and this, therefore, needs to drive also us as advisors. BOKS is an excellent possibility to get access and maintain contacts to quality tax and accounting colleagues worldwide. Together, we can serve our international clients in a better way.
BOKS will have extended its network of members as more and more national accounting firms feel the need to engage themselves internationally. Once the COVID pandemic is under control, BOKS will also further develop the different in-person and online networking events between the members. For better transparency and to identify further improvements, BOKS will until then also have developed online reporting on global referrals, heat maps of meanwhile shared clients between the members and similar benchmarks to track the development and successes of the network.
We have a diverse range of clients with mostly entrepreneurial background: Entrepreneurs that have their own mid-sized company, further on larger scale corporate clients with up to 150 million EUR revenues, venture capital-backed start-up companies and technology-oriented businesses. We have further on good expertise on real estate development and holding companies.
An innovative medical group from Australia with new subsidiary in Germany to launch medical products approached us and we ensured setup, registration and correct filings for the company foundation. We have now an ongoing service agreement for the Geman Accounting, Tax and Payroll services. A special focus and expertise of us were, in this case, to provide a high level of digitalisation in all processes, to enable Australian group management direct 24/7 access and transparency to all German transactions and reportings.
We emphasise our international competence on our website and we are members in local business networks with an international focus. Mostly, clients are approaching us, as we were recommended by existing clients with international challenges.
We do not specialise on a sector, but we have special expertise for corporate clients with challenges regarding tax structuring, M&A, international tax issues or real estate-related transactions.


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